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The Third Generation

    FOX Diode Laser

By A.R.C. Laser

Versatile, mobile, and cost-effective; the third generation FOX Laser is the only laser of its kind. With a calibratable power output, interchangeable fibers, and a huge list of applications, the FOX is a great tool to have in any office.

About A.R.C. Laser

A.R.C. Laser is a family-owned medical laser technology company based out of Nuremberg, Germany. Founded in 1978 as Meditec GmbH, A.R.C. Laser specializes in the development, production and sale of laser systems for ENT, Ophthalmology, Aesthetic surgery and Dermatology, Phlebology and Dentistry. 

Application Brochures


A.R.C.'s FOX Laser can be used to rejuvenate skin, treat changed skin and vascular areas, and reduce undesired resistant fat pads.


The FOX opens a new dimension in the treatment of the mouth and throat. FOX-Diode-Laser cuts without almost any bleeding and allows precise handling.


Painless, bloodless, and no risk for infection. The newest Laser technology puts to rest the fear of visiting the dentist's office.


  • Cost-effective​
  • Calibratable power output​
  • Disposable fiber tips​
  • Smaller size for easier mobility
  • Versatile applications
  • Stores individual treatment settings
  • Touch Screen

Technical Specifications


810 nm: 8 watt

 940 nm: 4 watt

 980 nm: 12 watt

 1064 nm: 10 watt

0,1 ms to cw

0,1 ms to cw

Green 532 nm, < 1 mW

142 x 163 x 174 mm

1.2 kg operational

220 V or battery driven


Wavelength – Output power* 





Pulse length, adjustable


Pulse interval


Aiming beam






Power supply

inPhase Medical is the exclusive U.S distributor of the Third Generation FOX Diode Laser by A.R.C. Laser. Our mission is to deliver this cutting edge tool to practices across the continental U.S. without eating into capital budgets so doctors can get it quickly, easily, and most importantly, at a quarter of the cost of similar lasers. 

We are committed to our promise that you get what you pay for; you will not find any extravagant expenses at inPhase. By running a lean operation, we pass on the most value to our customers because we know how important it is to have the right tools in the office. Give us a call and we will let you know how inPhase Medical can help you.


About inPhase Medical

March 28, 2018

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